Friday, August 08, 2008

Malcolm Wicks is an ignorant, gutless, wet blanket who shouldn't be in government


"Ministers are under pressure from scientists, the Conservatives, the Liberal Democrats and some of its own backbenchers to say it will withdraw the operating consent from Kingsnorth if by a fixed date - probably 2020 - the plant had failed to use CCS to capture 90% of its emissions.

But Wicks said such a condition would mean the plant was not built at all."

See what I mean? As much use as homosexual birth control.

Isn't he missing something here? Something like: 'If they can't commit to themselves to ensuring their instrument does not become a threat to society, why should they be allowed to build it?"

A good analogy would be a pesticide or pharmaceutical that must undergo toxicity testing before it is released into the environment. If its going to hang around and accumulate in the food chain (the technical term is potent, persistent and accumulating) or if it somehow gets transformed into something really nasty once released, it shouldn't be sold in the first place.

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