Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Ballmer Peak


I just discovered the wonderful webcomic XKCD through a Chicken Yoghurt post and from that little gem I discovered this theory. I can vouch for its affect on pool playing skills. Everyone knows you're game takes off between the end of the first and second pints. Unfortunately, as soon as the third hits your lips you're fucked. I've also tried to tame this effect when writing science (no shit!). When I was writing my master's thesis I would start drinking stubbies of cheap Sainsbury's lager at around 1300 and by the time I gave up at ~0200 I would be well steamed. Typically I'd look at what I had written the next day and edit half of it out but then that happes with my sobre writing too and the remaining material tended to be slightly more insightful and lucid then my usual, pretentious, flowery crap I seem to churn out.

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