Wednesday, August 06, 2008

authoritarianism update


Now the police have confiscated the pole from the wind turbine at the climate camp.

They have also managed to confiscate a selection of devastating and lethal weaponry that they trumpeted as evidence that "a minority of people had hidden them with the intention of causing harm to police officers, and possibly to the horses or dogs we are using on patrol". The weapons mentioned, and therefore those they feel most threatened by, I will list here:

  • an 'adapted knife' (adapted - woooooOOOOOOooooooooo)
  • a knife block containing knives (SURELY intended for stabbing policemen and not for cooking with)
  • a large chain with a padlock (SURELY intended to be used as an offensive weapon against police horses by a bunch of tree-hugging, vegan, animal-lovers and not to chain protesters to gates, machinery, etc.)

Weak. Just fucking weak.

Fucking pigs.

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