Tuesday, July 01, 2008

public opinion, solutions to climate change and the governments failure


I just whacked this onto George's latest CiF article:

"Call me a cynic but, considering the weight of evidence that indicates that climate change and ecological degradation resulting from humanity's activities will surely result in megadeaths in the near future, the number of policies such as those advocated here by George that have been successfuly implemented is roughly . . . . one. And Kyoto is- as George observes- crap.In the face of such abject failure to face facts, I do not see how the necessary global cooperation is going to emerge when Western governments remain slaves to the "bottom line". Talking amongst ourselves of potential solutions that make economic sense is pointless- Sir Nicholas Stern has already presented his study showing that tackling climate change, irrespective of the cost, is going to be far more palatable than the consequences of not doing so. Yet- as the Mori poll that George mentions observes- the placid ruminants of the public remain "concerned about climate change but far from convinced about the science or the Government's green agenda". Indeed, the government's misrepresentation of climate change has been so bad that "Many believe leading scientists remain undecided on the exact causes of climate change, and while they want Government to do more they are also cynical, especially around green taxation".

This is where the government is falling down. The public simply don't believe the government (and who could blame them), believeing instead that it is all a conspiracy to raise taxes. I have a solution to this: Gordon Brown, pitiful Prime Minister that he is, should appear on television giving a national address stating unequivocally that climate change is happening. Then he should present a few of the most well supported predictions of consequences and then state that, in order to avoid them we must invest now as opposed to paying a far heavier price later, finishing off with an affirmation of the likelihood of this scenario. The broadcast should go out on all channels simultaneously to avoid the herd switching to less challenging viewing and the information should be posted on a built-for-purpose website, as well as being presented in all town and city-centres across the land on displays that will remain in place for the foreseeable future.That should get their attention."

The Mori poll that has raised my usually boiling ire to superheated point is here.

Rajendra Pachauri's overly optimistic article is here.

Anyone challenging my position on this government's abject failure to implement any meaningful policies to combat climate change just have to read this. "Carbon capture and sequestration"? An excuse to get more coal fired power stations under the green lobby's radar, more like!


Having thought about it, instead of just Brown El Cockweaselio appearing on TV (hardly convincing) the leaders of all the political parties (including the BNP, even!) should appear together. Then there is no room for certain political parties (read 'The New Party') to call it a one-party conspiracy.

Additional Addition:

I have, of course, neglected to point out the screamingly obvious here: That Labour's (and, indeed the Tory's and Lib Dem's) energy and environmental policies are shite and not fit for purpose. The above suggestion would only be of use in converting public opinion if policy was effective in the first place.

Oh- and another point: The Mori poll questions were pretty woolly and poorly worded. Eg.: "Many scientific experts still question if humans are contributing to climate change"

- the question fails to explicitly refer to the opinions of expert climate scientists, as opposed to astronomists, mycologists and bioinformaticians. If this had been explicitly stated I imagine the results would be more encouraging. The abundance of morons like David Bellamy who go wandering miles from their field of expertise to mouth crass denunciations of climate change science is a cause for shame for all scientists. Just because I know a lot about polychaete biology doesn't mean I know any more about climate change than the next man (errrrrrrrrrmmmmm . . . . might have just shot myself in the foot there!).

Final Addition:

Another poll from the Guardian. In contradiction to the first this suggests that public opinion supports prioritising the environment over the economy.

This is a rather stupid conclusion as it implies that the two are mutually exclusive, which they clearly are not. FFS, who designs these stupid polls?!!

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