Sunday, June 15, 2008

stupid question


Q: "India's tiger population is in decline, but why should humans suffer in order to preserve it?"

Because tigers, as a species, will be gone forever. Sure, in the future we might be able to reconstitute their DNA into something that walks around and eats meat but it is not the same thing. Humans can control their reproduction and land management. They just choose not to. Humans impose suffering upon themselves. Tigers are innocent.

Here's a fucking crazy idea: Why not educate the people of India, abolish their ignorance and superstition and give them the opportunity to cherish and appreciate their environment?


Apparently the author of this astonishingly stupid question is a member of the Living Marxism / Spiked Online insanity clique. That disgusting rabble of climate change deniers, extreme-right-wing fundamentalists and ecocidal maniacs that includes amongst its ranks people as deserving of my ire as Brendan O'Neill and Oliver Kamm.

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