Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Labour government is insane

I gave my own version of this some time ago. Its simply insane. The UK is already one of the most targeted destinations for economic migrants and its simply going to get worse as climate change starts to bite. How the hell are we meant to implement sustainable social policies when we can't even control the number of people entering the country and putting extra stress on those systems. The plans are inadequate or obsolete by the time they hit the streets due to the flux of migrants. Its not so much a matter of overall population as people are leaving the country in droves at the same time migrants enter but the people leaving are UK nationals who are skilled and educated and can speak English whereas a large fraction of the people entering are, effectively, refugees with none of that. Hence the social services are under swelling pressure to cope at the remaining taxpayer's expense.

At the same time as we have the police releasing illegal immigrants into the countryside we have John Hutton, Minister of Fatcats and Rising Carbon Emissions on the one hand telling us we should be grateful that fatcats get paid so much and we so little, and on the other hand giving a cheery wave of approval to a new generation of coal fired power stations.

Hutton's incredible ability to ignore every piece of scientific evidence that demonstrates that such policies will condemn future generations to lives of food shortages, poverty and destructive weather patterns would have him lynched in any other country. Unfortunately the Brits simply turn to the next page of the Sun and pass comment on" lovely Sam's 36DD assets".

Hutton's astonishing chutzpah extends to smugly declaring:

"A third of Britain's existing power stations need replacement, and in that mix, it is inevitable that we consider fossil fuel because there is no prospect ... we can survive without fossil fuels."

Here Hutton demonstrates once and for all why he is not fit to be a Member of Parliament, let alone a Cabinet Minister. If he is ignorant of technologies which can reduce carbon emissions and prevent climate change then he is not doing his job and should be sacked.

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