Sunday, March 30, 2008

Colin Channell, MP, rules

His letter to the Guardian, slating his own party's energy policy, is wonderfully refreshing. Flipping marvellous, no less!

Where shall I start with the latest development in the Labour Government's climate change denial? I feel myself coming over all 'Marcus Brigstocke' on this one.

The UK's emissions fell slightly in 2007, according to the government. Let's look at that claim a little more objectively, shall we? DEFRA reports a drop of 2%, from 652.3 to 639.4 million tonnes of CO2. Friends of The Earth, notable tree huggers that they are, did some some sums based upon DEFRA's own figures for aviation fuel bunkering. They established that international aviation flying to and from the UK- which are, along with shipping emissions, bizarrely excluded from government figures- mean that UK emissions for 2007 would, in fact, be 6% higher than quoted.

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