Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Theo Hobson must actually be disturbed

His CiF piece is simply astonishing!

The comments are awesome and well worth a read if you fancy a chuckle. I haven't read such a fundamentally damning expose of the irrelevance of religion to day to day life (if not to politics) in a long time. Not since I read this.


My comment was deleted by the moderator. It went something along the lines of:

"Theo, you forgot to mention giving up critical thinking and independence of thought, but I suppose they don't count because you gave them up the day you were beaten- or terrified- into Believing."

There was more vitriol but I was busy this afternoon and I've forgotten what I wrote.


  1. Hobson is constantly hilarious. Is it why the Guardian pays this moronic God hack? I love his lent sacrifice of red wine, except when he's socialising. It's like me giving up Guinness and whisky, except when I'm in the pub.

    It reminds me a bit of the Fast Show:

    "Today, I am mostly giving up the capacity for coherent thought."

    What a total dingus.

  2. "total dingus" - Hah!

    Too frickin right.

    What are you meant to do with someone who considers a meaningful gesture to comprise giving up wine for a month (but not when he's entertaining)? The comments had several suggestions from people for more substantial contributions to society's wellbeing- such as volunteering at a soup kitchen- but I suppose Theo doesn't care about that sort of thing because Jesus never volumteered at a soup kitchen and everything that Theo does has to emulate Jesus.


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