Tuesday, February 26, 2008

renewable future

I've mentioned this so many times but for some reason it seems that no-one in the UK government is listening. Any way, now Jeremy Leggett has taken up the cause like the legend that he is.


Some of the comments are simply abhorrent. Its as if these people think that moving to renewables is some sort of science-fair gimmick for people in lab-coats and safety glasses. RENs treat renewable energy advocates as if we were Star Trek fans advocating the development of matter transporters or warp drives.

Additional Addition:

My grateful thanks to Radix who shared this link with me in the comments. Its pretty cool if you want to big up the whole renewable thing to your friends or anyone who needs persuading that renewable generation is the future and not just some pipedream.


  1. I haven't seen you mention this yet - I have a feeling you might like it:



  2. Love the link, it's the dogs bollox!


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