Thursday, January 03, 2008

nuclear and coal generation is shit, renewables rule

Jeremy Leggett, the solar legend, has a CiF piece on why the nuclear lobby suck big, floppy donkey dicks. I gave a few reasons previously but he has a couple more good ones. Check the comments from me (thesimpletruth) and Adam1.

I also caught some conservative fuckwit called Tony Lodge defending the new coal fired power station in Medway on the BBC news. This rodent appears to crop up everywhere new coal capacity is appearing calling for subsidies, advocating non-renewable generation and generally sucking dirty, black, carbon cock by writing for the right-wing think-tank, The Centre for Policy Studies. His appearance on the BBC comprised of pointing out that the new power station could be retro fitted with carbon capture technology (that hasn't been developed yet and won't be for another decade at the earliest) and also that a load of pensioners suffered from fuel poverty (as a result of various UK governments' refusal to embrace renewables once the true impacts of climate change and emissions reduction became clear nearly two decades ago). The rest of the time the head of Greenpeace UK, John Sauven, was talking in opposition to it and making a crap job of it too.

3 Simple reasons why coal generation is stupid:

  1. Even 'new build' emits a fuck load of carbon- way more than gas. (Burning coal in older plants emits a fuck load of sulphurous and nitric oxides too- causing acid rain. Such plants also emit a fuck load of particulates causing asthma. I really hope that this new plant, if it gets built, is not one of these.)
  2. Like it or not, the UK currently holds power over the rest of the world by its powerful economy and position on the security council and we set an example for the world to follow. New coal builds would make it impossible for us to criticise India and China for following suit. (Same goes for nuclear).
  3. Coal may appear to be economic now but excavating it requires the input of liquid fuels such as oil to fuel the extraction process. Plus, every penny invested in coal generation is a penny not invested in renewables.


It seems I am amongst friends when publically damning nuclear generation.

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