Thursday, January 10, 2008

Johann Hari vs Media Lens - support for the Iraqi genocide

I love Johann's work and I read it all the time but the Media Lens bwoys have a point when they assaulted his support for the Iraqi genocide. He really should have known better than to sanction a US-UK invasion.

Part 1
Part 2

A couple of times I have felt that the Media Lens crew do left-wing commentators something of a disservice by being so focused upon the ills of their kin- such as when they assaulted George Monbiot. Its true that all commentators should be answerable to someone and its significant that even when Dave and Dave phrase their criticism in fairly incendiary language the responses from those left-wing commentators I respect are generally civil and rational. I suppose that targeting the Melanie Phillips of this world isn't much of a challenge as their position is so indefensible that- unless you are actively searching for justification for hatred and reactionary bile- only a fool would not see through such shite.

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