Friday, December 28, 2007

Nu-Speak has taken the place of genuine debate in Westminister

I loved this dissection of Nu-Labour Nu-Speak. The closing paragraph is portentous. However, I doubt anything will come of it as the moment anyone stands up and tries to say anything in plain-speak then you get pilloried by the Murdoch press for your position and drowned beneath waves of pseudo-analysis and misinterpretation. The Spinwatch website maintains a record of such conceptual sabotage.

Welcome to the UK! We hope you enjoy your stay amidst our pseudo-democratic plutocracy.

On another Nu-Labour-bashing note we find a torrent of boiling vitriol spewed in the direction of The Chief Deputy Assistant Secretary for Cockweasels, Hazel Blears. Its most satisfying to see these words reprinted a million times over:

I have been in the House long enough to see the coming and going of many inadequate personalities. I have seen those on both sides of the House who have been promoted for various reasons. I have seen the crawlers. I have seen those who have used sex— [ Interruption. ] Oh, there are so many it would take too long to name them. I have seen those whose sexual preferences were of interest to others. I have seen those who demonstrated a great commitment to their own interests, irrespective of the political parties that they were supposed to represent.

“But I have rarely seen a decision such as this, taken with such cynicism and with so little respect for the interests of the average voter. When the Secretary of State was seeking office as the deputy leader of the Labour party, she said that people frequently become disaffected with their own Government because they 
feel that no one is listening to them. Wherever could they have got that idea from? She also made it clear - she told us constantly - that she would listen.

"Let me make it very plain: this decision will affect everything in my constituency - every practical purpose that I am pursuing at the moment. Three new health centres, a new school, which is desperately needed in one of the most deprived areas, and a new railway station: all those things will be scuppered by this decision, which will make my local government fundamentally uncertain not only in economic terms, but in its political control.

Hazel Blears sucks donkey balls.

Gwyneth Dunwoody, on the other hand, rules.

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