Saturday, December 22, 2007

Gordon Brown does something right - (NOT SARCASM ! ! )

This is wonderful! As the article implies, it suggest that the new runway at Heathrow and a plethora of road building schemes- as well as the insane prospect of resurrecting coal fired power stations- might be put back into the Fucking Stupid Idea box.

What I can't understand is the continued references in the article to new nuclear build in the light of carbon emissions. A reason for this might be that the article is penned by the Guardian's political Editor- Patrick Wintour- who obviously knows fuck all about the total emissions resulting from conventional nuclear power. Greenpeace produces just one of many websites rubbishing the idea that nuclear is at all eco-friendly. Even Business Week published an article questioning nuclear's green credentials!


In another remarkably uncritical article from the Guardian we have a plan supported by the government's Chief Climate Change Denier, Sir David "Trust Me- I'm a Scientist" King, to turn Britain's nuclear waste stockpile into fuel for a new generation of reactors. The plan will require two new £1 billion plants; one to recover usable plutnoium and uranium from the waste and another to turn them into fuel pellets and rods. There's also new reactors to be constructed. Unfortunately, private industry won't touch this shit with a barge pole because nuclear is such a bad financial investment. The risks are huge and the government have been forced by concerned parties to demand upfront payments to cover the enormous costs of decommissioning future obsolete plants. This is because provate industry typically run the projects into the ground, extarct all the value froma company leaving a shell and then leave it to spiral into fiscal collapse. The mess is then left to the government to clear up. BNFL is the model case for this.

Addition to the addition:

There is another version of the same story about nuclear waste on the Guardian's environmental pages. This version contains more detail and less spin. So much for editorial consistency.

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