Sunday, December 30, 2007

British public divided over Nu Labour's greenwank

Unsurprisingly, the Nu Labour Greenwank seems to be the root cause of public antipathy to green issues. Sending mixed messages to the public, such as "we are leading the world in reducing carbon emissions" and then declaring their intention to build a new runway at Heathrow, has been exactly as counterproductive to ongoing efforts to secure grassroots support for climate change mitigation as most intelligent analysts have always said.

Its not only Labour's environmental policy which is all fucked up: The Independent on Sunday reports that Nu-Lab's obsession with stuffing a bunch of completely unnecessary and uneconomical new nuclear builds down our throats is developing further into the ultimate political debacle. Why this should be happening is utterly beyond me. Greenpeace did a magnificent job of pulling the covers off the government's first effort to rig the consultation process and they are about to do exactly the same for this one. The government has wasted millions of pounds contriving corrupt and unscientific grounds to justify new nuclear builds and they simply don't seem to get the message that we're not going to stand for it. But that's Nu-Lab all over, isn't it? Ploughing ahead with the process of anointing a predetermined decision with the oil of pseudo-democracy.

As Australian technology professor Ian Lowe has said: "If nuclear power is the answer, it must have been a pretty stupid question".

Vote for a future: Vote Green!

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