Thursday, October 04, 2007

World Bank Respsonible for clear-cutting world's 2nd largest rain forest

The Congo got clear cut and the loggin companies got rich. No-one thought to arrange for any of the money to pass on to the natives or other citizens of the DRC. Big, fucking surprise.

"When the bank moved back into Congo in 2002, after years of war which cost up to 4 million lives, it said industrial forestry could contribute most strongly to the country's recovery. In its rush to reform the economy it devised new forestry laws, divided the county into zones and aimed to create a favourable climate for industrial logging."

Same story, different country. The WB hands some sort of exploitation right to the corporations, telling the locals "we'll do this and you'll be on the path to development in months!". A few years later nothing has happened except the country is in a worse state then when it started. And with fewer resources. And a load of pollution lying around. And a corrupt bureaucracy in the ascendant, keen to exploit the next cash cow.


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