Monday, October 22, 2007

The Misanthropic Principles - Number 3 - "Terrorists Are Bad"

Teaching children that the society in which they live is a glorious utopia and that they should be grateful for the opportunities they have only serves to ingrain a sense of distrust and disillusionment when they realise all too soon that modern life is grossly corrupt and unfair. This perpetuates the vicious circle of disenfranchisement and disengagement with society which then prevents any meaningful change at the ballot box. The result is the incumbence of a bunch of centre-right nepotists who slowly fritter our nations services and infrastructure away whilst quashing our freedoms and rights.

Essentially, this is an argument based upon the stunning hypocrisy and moral vacuity of many public figures and policy makers- as well as the corporate and philanthropic figures who finance them- who all somehow claim to be acting in the public interest. The most prominent example can be found in the postulation that "Terrorists Are Bad". Alternatively, reference to Universal Principles serves well to illuminate the issue.

Supplementary evidence to this Misanthropic Principle has been provided by The General.

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