Tuesday, October 09, 2007

George Monbiot points out that an economy that values growth over the welfare of its people is apocalyptic in nature

George fucking rocks. I love the way he slags jetskiers too. As a wakeboarder they are the biggest hazard to responsible use of waterski areas. I have had these following right behind me on my wakeboard so close that, had I fallen off, they wouldn't have been able to avoid running me down. I have had them "flare" me in high-speed drive-bys, jumping my wake and generally pissing around in the ski area, doing doughnuts and chopping the shit out of my nice, flat water. I am currently limping like a bastard after nearly popping me knee again landing on jetski chop when I was out riding a fortnight ago.

However, I doubt George would approve of my gas-guzzling pastime (a wakeboard session uses ~13 litres of petrol). In my defence my carbon footprint is still probably half the UK average.

Anyway, George gives it the business with an eloquence and attention to detail that would take me several weeks to compose.

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