Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Labour reveals its hypocrisy in new and interesting ways

This week we have Hillary Benn, offspring of the legend that is Tony, calling for the Americans to adopt binding emissions targets. This is after the public furore over the Labour government was caught admitting its own renewable energy targets were unattainable and damning communications were leaked that revealed that civil servants were already looking for cracks in the legislation to manipulate instead of making real reductions. Also after the government has refused to apply tax to aviation fuel and to rule out runway expansion schemes at a variety of airports across the UK including Birmingham, Heathrow and Edinburgh which would result in increased emissions from aviation that would obscure and exceed any meaningful reductions in other areas.

The absolute pinnacle of climate change head- in-the-sand policy is the most important figure of all, however: The actual figure for emission cuts. George Monbiot has already pointed out that the figure the government gives for its overall emissions target- 60% by 2050- isn't enough. And the Labour government are very aware of this because they funded the Stern Report to establish what an effective figure for real change with a significant margin for error would be. And after funding it and crowing over the profundity of the results . . . . they walked away, shaking their heads and chuckling to themselves muttering "like its ever going to happen . . . . ."

Not a little hypocritical, yesno?

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