Thursday, September 13, 2007

another day in the Israeli propaganda war

I mentioned two articles from New Statesman, comprising a report and a retort re: Israeli Defence Force "holiday" (read: "indoctrination") camps for children.

Well, some twat posted this in response to my own post on the retort, where I recounted how I came across a crass obfutication in the first sentence and refused to read any more:

"Sonicdeathmonkey. - Your post sum's it all up. Why should you read further? The reason is to get the whole story. Not just to pick out the bits you want to somehow link to your belief or view.

Can you explain why in the Gaza strip / West Bank there are stories of children starving, no medicine, no jobs etc.. yet they always seem to be able to find money to pay for the rockets that are launched into Israel."

So I replied with this:

"Sappy, you didn't score highly at reading comprehenesion, did you? There is no "whole story"- as evidenced by Rutland's misrepresentation and obfuscation. Its just a propaganda exercise.

No, let me try an asnwer to your Gaza Strip question: The reason there are children starving in the Gaza strip is because Israel has destroyed their power plant, sewage treatement works, desalinisation plants, crops, families, buildings, industry and people and closed the borders almost permanenetly to trade. If you have none of these things left, you can't feed your children. You have nothing to do all day. So why not dig out that crate of rockets that some militants buried in your back garden a few years back and engage in some pathetic attempt at retribution? Its not right. I'm not justifying that attempt. I'm just trying to elucidate cause and effect.

Captain Rutland claims: "The assertion that the IDF intentionally or indiscriminately attacks civilians is both wrong and defamatory."

I don't have to post any evidence on this board at all to back up an observation that this is a blatant mistruth. Amnesty International, The International Committee for the Red Cross, Medecins Sans Frontiers and Human Rights Watch have all presented cases that reveal the lie in this statement. Who are we going to believe? The IDF or the four most credible organisations in human rights advocation today?

As Aldous Huxley said:

"Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.""

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