Thursday, August 09, 2007

another victory for the rich in the propaganda war over inequality

As the rich get richer and the poor poorer, public opinion is slipping over whether anything can be done about it.

"People still express concern about unequal distribution of wealth, but are clear that they don't want to pay higher taxes."

So public opinion is that rich people have it too easy but also that higher taxes are bad?

Well, so what? There is an obvious political solution to that problem: Why should your average voter worry about paying higher taxes when the entire point of progressive taxation is only to raise taxes against those earning disproportionately more than the majority? The fact that such policy is alien to the public represents a massive success for the propaganda war waged by the "pseudo-right": The plutocracy which has usurped power in this country over the last three decades. The concept that "higher taxes" is a broad brush which will tar everyone equally is utterly false! It is, furthermore, a damning indictment of the disenfranchisement of the electorate. People are so confused by the torrent of skewed propaganda funded by the plutocrats through the mass media (The Sun, The Daily Mail, Sky, etc.), and filtering through into our society from media sources manipulated by their malevolent kindred in the USA, that they are unaware of the simple potential for politics to function effectively as the Visible Hand (Adam Smith reference, kids- look it up!).

Ah! My misanthropy shines through once again.

Its a fascinating point, that Johann Hari makes repeatedly in his writing, that the UK electorate consistently vote in favour of socialist policies:

"Part of the problem is that the perception of what is a 'centrist' position in this country is distorted by a press that is way to the right of the British people. If you look at the opinion polls and, crucially, how people actually vote, this is a mainstream European social democracy that believes in fairly high tax and spending, and liberal social policies.

Look even at the halycyon days of the British right, the period they believe expresses the true longings of the electorate. At every single election where Margaret Thatcher was leader of the Conservative Party, 56 percent of the British people voted against her and for parties committed to higher taxes and higher public spending. It was an undemocratic electoral system, not a right-wing majority in the country, that made her Prime Minister."

Unfortunately the political position in this country swings firmly against such socialist policies- for reasons best known only to the politicians' accountants.


Gruneo's comment at the end of the article is pretty spot-on.

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