Tuesday, August 14, 2007

another day, another dose of lies, corruption and heroic struggles to save the planet

Wolfowitz censored references to climate change at the World Bank.

George Monbiot responds (pretty well, too) to MediaLens' criticism of him publishing articles in papers funded by fossil fuel advertisments.

Peter Tatchell turns his attention away from absurdly trying to protect little, fluffy bunny rabbits and onto the far more pressing matter of slagging Labour's pseudo-green policy.

In a startlingly euphoria-inducing turn-around, the man responsible for bringing anti-terror legislation to bear upon environmental protesters has shot himself neatly in the foot by trying to get a judge to apply it to the Heathrow protesters. The judge told him to go and fuck himself (I'm paraphrasing a little) and declared that hard evidence of collective malicious intention would have to be produced before such legislation were to apply to legitimate protesters.

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