Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sian Berry calls for Brown to give TfL its money back

Accountability, Green Party stylee. Fuck, yeah!

With a bit of tweaking to the contracts PFI might yet turn out to be a good idea but its implementation and the lack of knowledge of those who were given the task of negotiating the first deals has left us with a massive white elephant.

In other recent news, a representative of Brown's government- one Caroline Flint MP (voted strongly against transparent government; voted very strongly for introducing ID cards; voted very strongly for student top-up fees; voted very strongly for the Iraq war; voted very strongly for Labour's anti-terrorism legislation; voted very strongly against investigating the Iraq war; voted very strongly for replacing Trident)- told all the poor people in the country to fuck off and stop whinging about how crap life is in a plutocracy.

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