Tuesday, July 10, 2007

its raining again . . .

There's nothing I can really put here. Maybe some statistics will make me feel even more miserable . . .


June 2007

Mean temperatures generally around 1 deg C above average across the UK, although maximum temperatures across parts of eastern Scotland were over 1 deg C below average. The majority of the UK having well above average rainfall, with rainfall anomalies widely over 300% across Yorkshire, with some areas having their wettest June on record. Sunshine generally below average across the UK, and exceptionally below average across parts of eastern Scotland and NE England, with some areas having their dullest June on record.

Emley Moor, Bingley and Fylingdales all recording over 400% of their average June rainfall. E & NE England climate district area having its wettest June, beating the previous highest of June 1997 by around 30 mm (areal series back to 1914).

Yeah! That did the job! Lets see some more!

So far the Westcountry has had twice its annual rainfall! That's a year's worth in the 1st 6 months. Thanks, George & Tony!

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