Saturday, July 28, 2007

Brendan O'Neill is a fuckwit

Brendan gets all upset that people are criticising the Chinese for being more focused upon economic development than sustainable development. Why is he bothered about the Chinese in specific? Good people everywhere are worried about economic development because its absurd to perpetuate a system based upon the flawed paradigm of infinite growth within a finite environment.

"We are seeing the return of "yellow peril" arguments, only these days they are dressed in the language of the "green peril" - that is, China is said to be destroying both its own natural environment and potentially ours, too."

Well, Brendan. The reason people say that they are destroying their natural environment, and potentially ours too, is because THEY ARE, YOU FUCKWIT ! ! ! !

I'm fairly sure that the Chinese are not alone in this so your alleged exposure of a torrid undercurrent of racism flowing through the environmental movement is all a bunch of arse-grapes. Its about as valid as your last attempt to brand environmentalists as racists.

Here's the point Brendan: Extrapolate the situation that you are currently orgasming over (some of us look at China's rapid economic growth of 10% a year and see something positive, even mesmerising - the birth pangs of a great industrial nation), and extrapolate to around 2020 when peak oil has begun to bite and the seas are rising steadily. What happens then when the China that has been built upon a foundation of oil and unabashed industrialism runs short of the liquid gold to oil its wheels? China sits upon some of the world's largest coal reserves and is already the world's greatest producer. What happens to our lovely planet when the population of the most populous country on the planet is allowed to develop without plan or limit for another 15 years? And then what happens when there's no more oil for them? Honestly, it'll make Mad Max look like a day at Butlins.

Here's my solution: Cap their carbon emissions; fund the fuck out of their generation sector as every pound spent in China on efficiency and clean technology gets you a lot more work done than a pound spent in the comparatively well developed Western system; share technology; end the covert arms race and put the money into society instead of corporations. Its a far more humanitarian approach for the ismple reason that sustainable development is . . . . well . . . . . sustainable? In 15 years a well developed distribution network for solar panels, wind generators and biomass plants will be available to keep agriculture functioning comfortably. Electric vehicles will be coming off production lines, carbon emissions may not have fallen but they will have been prevented from growing severely. Most importantly of all, China will not be tempted to collapse back onto unrestricted exploitation of its enormous coal reserves to shoulder the burden. Any coal generation can be via clean technology and this might indeed stimulate the substantial investment in the field needed to make the technology practical.

Why does no one in power get this? Duh?

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