Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Zia Haider Rahman is a religious apologist

This bloke rants about how religion is an innate human condition. So what? Does that mean its ok to burn witches and mutilate women's genitals?

The twat also perpetuates the myth that "Evolution itself is utterly bereft of design, purpose and meaning; its engine is undirected, random mutation."

This is, of course, bullshit. Evolution is anything but random. The fact that this moron makes such an elemental mistake confirms the impression gained from reading the rest of the article- that he is, in fact, an ignorant.

I wrote this in the comments:

Zia: "The antitheist paints a dismal world"

Where are you getting this twoddle from? Dawkins speaks at great length about his passion for life, discovery and the pursuit of truth. A dismal world is one where you are forever resigned to perpetual fear of an omnipotent and omniscient deity. Psychological trauma of Catholic children is widespread enough for numerous support groups to have emerged in recent years. Mysogyny and hatred abound in many religions and dehumanisation, oppression and subjugation of unbelievers endemic.

Humans are religious because compartmentalisation of their minds allows them to concentrate on issues which are presented by religious authorities as being of greater importance (to avoid the innocent perceiving the iniquities and lies of religion). The rejection of rational thought processes and objective assessment processes are essential when memorising the entirety of the Koran or in repressing sexual urges for the duration of your life (often unsuccessfully, as many Catholic children have discovered).

Your apology for human weakness excuses the actions of those persons and institutions that prey (pray?) on such weakness.

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