Monday, June 11, 2007

debunking the bogeyman of Islamic terrorism

Some Swedish bloke called Kristoffer Larsson reports on the substantiality behind the spectre of Islamic terrorism.

I am minded to agree with him if it wasn't for the small matter of 2oo odd dead Spaniards and 50 odd dead Britons. Whilst I agree that Islamic terrorism is profoundly overblown by the media I don't think that relying upon the statistics collected in 1 year brings anything overly profound to this debate. You can debate the threat posed by ETA all you want but the fact remains that ETA are a localised organisation, like the IRA, without a global support base and the funds available to many Islamists, as well as being based in Europe and having to plan their attacks under the noses of Europe's reasonably-organised police services. I am wholly supportive of increased funding of pre-2001 anti-terrorism activities but many of the programs and legislation introduced since that fateful year involve flagrant breaches of human rights that contribute nothing to our security and often exacerbate the situation by antagonising those moderate parties who would otherwise be behind the forces of justice.

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