Wednesday, June 20, 2007

the Cristo-fascist delusion

So I posted about the disgraceful Israeli air strikes that destroyed two Lebanese Red Cross ambulances last year, detailing how this crime against humanity had become twisted into some sort of insane, pro-Israeli propaganda piece by the right-wing extremists in the US. They actually tried to claim that it was a hoax. A fix-up. A piece of theatre by the barbarian Lebanese in an attempt to curry sympathy with the liberal Euopeans and UN-lovers and to incite hatred of the freedom-loving and non-aggressive Israelis.

That was all last year but apparently some internet goons out there are still banging away at this because one of them just posted a comment on the post (Hi Alex!) suggesting that I return to the originating site to view his "updated analysis". So here's my response:

Suck my balls you assmaster.

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