Sunday, June 24, 2007

Brown is no better than Blair when it comes to a just foreign policy

Besides advocating the funding of arms exports with taxpayers money, being wholeheartedly supportive of the continuing assault upon our rights and freedoms as UK citizens and lusting after more nuclear power stations at the taxpayers expense; Brown is just as unconvincing and irrational when it comes to Trident as Blair ever was.

"Challenged in 2006 on this £75bn piece of valueless weaponry, Brown said: 'In an insecure world, we must and we will always have the strength to take all necessary long-term decisions to ensure both stability and security.' A very Brownite cabinet minister let the cat out of the bag when he told me that no Labour party would be elected to government without Trident. So Trident was for the protection of the Labour party rather than the country? No, no, the minister hurriedly corrected himself. Britain faced a global threat from Islamic militants who wanted to recreate the Caliphate from the Indus to the English Channel. At which point, rational discourse simply fails. The idiocy, crassness and cynicism of the Brownite case for Trident is mind-boggling."

This NS article is revealing and includes an insightful comment from Dan Plesh.

He's also got crap plans for dealing with child poverty.


Compare Brown's words 6 years ago to his position now. Slight contrast, ay?

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