Thursday, June 07, 2007

BAE: The Scum of the Earth - part 2

This time the scum are really going down.

""Your approach is in common with that of the least responsible elements of the media - that is to assume BAE Systems' guilt in complete ignorance of the facts." Its spokesman, John Neilson, added: "We have little doubt that among the reasons the attorney general considered the case was doomed was the fact that we acted in accordance with ... the relevant contracts, with the approval of the government of Saudi Arabia, together with, where relevant, that of the UK MoD.""

So says John Neilson, the arms dealer's spokesperson to the Guardian when they were researching the story, released today, that BAE put £30 million every 3 months into the account of a Saudi Prince, allegedly for "marketing services".

I cannot describe how happy I am that this wart on our national conscience is finally getting its come-uppance. To truly understand what a momentous moment this is you have to understand that BAE have not only a direct line to the Prime Minister but also that they dictate our foreign policy to an astounding degree. For further information I prescribe one dose of Mark Thomas's book "As Used on The Great Nelson Mandela".

Seeing as this deal was originally signed by Hesseltine back in '84 I think this is a good moment to repeat my belief that there needs to be personal accountability in government and that ministers ought to be accountable for their actions even after they leave office.

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