Thursday, May 17, 2007

ASBOs for the unborn?

Yvonne Roberts totally rocks! Some pioneering social engineering is being proposed here and I am overjoyed to find such a tabboo subject being discussed in a serious political forum. I wrote this in the comments:

"This is an excellent article and I wholly agree with blanket health visits for all new mothers until a degree of maternal competence has been demonstrated. The moral of this story is that mothering is too important to be left to drunken, chain-smoking, soap-obsessed 16 year olds. To make such an observation publically is brave and groundbreaking. The tabboo of ignoring social dysfunction in the hope that rationality and parental love will win over teenage irresponsibility and the lust for booze and independence is naive in the extreme and must be quashed. Additionally, the naivety of targeted support for new mothers is also laid bare and Gordon must surely be reading this thinking "now where can I skim the extra millions from to fund this . . .?".

Other pioneering statements come in the observation that large families are inherently sociopathic and one is driven to endorse Yvonne Robert's tongue-in-cheek suggestion of banning large families wholeheartedly. The enormous opposition that such legislation would face from ethnic minorities and those others from cultural backgrounds that advocate such sociopathy as some sort of demonstration of health or wealth is a mountain that must be climbed for the benefit those of us with more pragmatic and humanitarian visions for the United Kingdom.

The essence of this article is a balancing of the rights of an unborn child against those of its mother. One of them has to take precedence.


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