Monday, April 16, 2007

Is war with Iran inevitable?

I though that the response to this would be overwhelming but either the poll has been overtaken by right-wing Abrahamic-fascists or the sinister influence of the right-wing media's propaganda war is already beginning to permeate through the soap-addled brains of the "great" British public.

I swear I will do everything within my power to prevent my country unleashing another genocide against innocents. FOR FUCKS SAKE i SWEAR I WILL RESIST THIS!


It seems I am not alone:

"The time for laughter and luxury of irony is passing. We are dealing with a desparately serious situation, where we may all have to take stock and consider taking appropriate measures in the event of us launching a war against Iran. To coin a phrase, when/if the attack begins, we should take nothing off the table in our attempt to stop the war."

This is taken from some of the comments to John Pilger's latest article in the New Statesman. I want the UK government to be aware that there are people in this country who will not sit by and be complicit in any further acts of genocide. I am going to write to my MP and spell my terms out very, very clearly.

Additional 2:

Rageh Omar's article is similarly astute and insightful.

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