Thursday, February 08, 2007

How the 'Left' became apologists for Bush and the Palestinian apartheid

I engaged with the oiks over at Harry's Place for a while, having read that it was a hothouse of left-wing intelligentsia. I am unclear about my political alignment within the conventional spectrum, veering widely between centre-right and left wings. Frankly, I find anyone who puts me into a predesigned political 'box' by deriding me as 'left' or 'right' wing tends to be losing the debate at hand and resorting to ad hominem attacks. I believe that there is only one 'right' form of government and that is whatever is best for the people in question. This leads me to stances that are entirely communist at a local 'community' level to opinions which are derided by people even I consider 'conservative' as being 'conservative'. For example my stance on overpopulation: Its bad and needs to be addressed- the UN predicts our population will grow to 9 billion by 2050 whilst Paul Roberts predicts peak oil will occur between 2015 to 2020 after which cheap oil will never return and prices will start to rise, never to fall again and climate change will cause sea levels to rise by anything from 15 to 95 cm by 2050. Anyone who has seen Al Gore's remarkably well presented film (I was very skeptical until I actually watched it) has been horrified by the enormous tracts of land that will be submerged by a 'worst-case-scenario' (eg. Ground Zero on Manhattan Island will be underwater).

Anyway, back to the lefties and Bush and all that. I engaged with the inhabitants of Harry's Place via the comments pages with the intention of getting on my antitheist-humanist horse and having a bit of banter with all of these impressive intellects, only to find that they were- almost to a man- unquestioning supporters of the Bush, Olmert, et al. I was disillusioned, to say the least, and lost interest shortly afterwards. In fact I was so struck with my experiences that I decided to disengage with the rest of Blogdom in an active capacity and concentrate on my own product due to my repeated failure to develop an argument within reasonable grounds, once I posted an opinion that contradicted the prevailing dogma of the blog I was often mobbed and prevented from developing a rational argument by insulting posts and blanking of my responses.

Anyhow, to return from yet another lengthy elaboration, I still check the comments at HP now and then just to confirm my suspicion that they are populated mostly by genocide-loving islamophobes, fascists and apartheid-freaks and I was rewarded. The post I have linked to is a typical one from HP- emphasis on the evils of the 'Mullahocracy' and no criticism whatsoever of Britain's absurd endorsement of the oxymoronic 'war on terror', Israeli chest-beating or Bush's offensive and grossly inappropriate rhetoric. Now while I am not stupid enough to consider Iran's nuclear ambitions to be wholly benign I am also the last person who would ever endorse any sort of military action against the feckin' eejits unless there was considerable evidence that they actually had the bomb, the delivery system and an excuse to use it. However, I was under the impression that jingoism, fundamental religion and lust for laissez-faire capitalism were all anathema to any proud Leftie, but over at HP you can routinely find people cooing in admiration for Bush's attempts to pacify the middle east or shouting support for his insane troop 'surge'.

Please be aware that I am not including the authors of HP here, although I find their posts to focus overwhelmingly upon Islam with barely a mention of the absurdities and iniquities of other creeds and cultures (heaven forbid- their own!), I do occasionally find links to moving and insightful articles (and equally I find links or posts that contain utter twatism). Essentially they are too busy telling Muslims how to bring their religion into line with enlightenment ideals to stop and consider their own culture's failings.

But the prime target of my ire is the creatures which lurk within their comments pages, who brook no criticism of their own culture or its allies. Irrespective of my opening faux pas, some of the responding comments were utter xenophobic polemic and much of it was outrageous scaremongering. Commenters of note to look out for are morgoth, s.o.muffin, modernity, johan, montaq, toady

This has to be the creme de la creme, though. Posted by Morgoth:

"And pray tell "hoW" are the "Bush regime" and the "neocons" corrupt?"

Yes, he actually posed that question as if it were a mystery.


Seems I'm not the only one who's offended by the pro-Bush, pro-Iraq invasion, pro-Israel bent of the denizens of Harry's Place (including- as the critique shows- Harry himself).

"Harry doesn't want to protect and maintain an open and honest debate. He wants to shape something that *appears* to be an open and honest debate into a validation/confirmation of his own personal views."

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