Friday, January 19, 2007

There Is NO Evidence That Iran Has A Nuclear Weapons Program

While the IAEA's report has underscored Iran's disturbing disregard for responding to the concerns of both the IAEA and the UN security council, it does not certify Iran as a clear and present danger, requiring a strong and immediate response from the international community. And yet the IAEA report has generated rhetoric from both the United States and Europe that seems well beyond that which the content of the report seems to merit. The British foreign secretary, Jack Straw, has joined US officials in condemning the Iranian government for its failure to halt its nuclear enrichment efforts, and has called for the UN security council to "increase the pressure on Iran". Many officials in Europe have echoed the UK position, believing, it seems, that such action represents a manifestation of President George Bush's stated objective of resolving the Iranian matter "diplomatically and peacefully".

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This appears to be a repeat of the US's rhetoric in the build up to the illegal invasion of Iraq which is now clearly seen to have been a smoke screen for a decision that the US had already taken. The Iranian Theocracy may be run by a bunch of authoritarian nutbags with no respect for humanism any understanding of human rights but that does not automatically make them guilty of trying to build a bomb. The Supreme Leader himself has proclaimed a fatwa on nuclear weapons. Now to Westerners this may seem like a piece of supreme hypocrisy and a contemptible piece of obfustication. If you think about how seriously these guys take their mediaeval superstition though, you start to see that they are actually quite serious about this.

There's plenty more out there- go find the truth kids! (With an open mind, please.)

Here's a good starting place- just bear in mind that this is a partisan article. This BBC article is another useful starter.

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