Tuesday, August 29, 2006

why religion should be banned

I discovered the New Humanist whilst trawling through descriptions of humanist philosophy on Wikipedia and have been deeply chuffed with it ever since. They have put together a link to this page on the Guardian website and another to a piece of commentary on the article by AC Grayling, a contributor to NH, on the Guardian Unlimited blog site.

I am impressed that there are good people out there struggling to hold back the tide of faith with the barrage of reason and I feel strongly that the survey detailed in the articel represents an enormous threat to the integrity of UK society. The comment goes yet further and actually advocates the banishment freedom of religious expression within the education system, meaning that children are no longer free to hold any beliefs they want to without fear of having them challenged in school. Having unacceptable beliefs challenged and banished is a part of growing up that many of today's school kids are lacking. They leave school believeing any old rubbish that appelas to their sense of romanticism and they are consequently incapable of making rational decisions for the good of others. This can only lead to a flawed society when these people, as with citizens of any democracy, get to cast their vote based upon them.

Ban religion!

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